Yucaipa Ice Bowl 2015

IB15_Wings_Final_Color_OLHappy New Year to all. It’s that time of year again where we run around in shorts & Hawaiian shirts, letting plastic fly, while most of our fellow golfers are braving much worse condition to get around of Golf in. Yes it is Ice Bowl Season. Yucaipa Disc golf Club will be hosting this event on Sat. Jan 31,2015 @ 9am. Check-in starts @8am. We’ll be playing 18 holes with a C.T.P. or 2. Plus a Ring o’ Fire and a raffle. Your misally $20 donation with a can of food will get you an Innova Champion Glow Tern and 3 mulligan/raffle tickets, so you can buy a tournament win. Additional mulligan/raffle tickets are 1 buck each. All profits go directly to Yucaipa Family Assistance @ 35075 Ave. B. Last year 60 participants and a dozen or so business sponsors helped us to raise $1222 & 150lb of food. Our goal this year is $1400 & 200lb of food. Please help us to surpass this goal. Also we’ll be BBQing after the round Burgers & Dogs for a suggested donation of $5 to help Yucaipa Family Assistance. (Sorry no free lunch this year) This event is registered with Ice Bowl HQ.Com tracking ice bowl all across the country since 1996, with a collective total of $2.8 million so far. Please help us to do our part of their $325K goal for 2015. Thanks again to Bill Maury-Holmes for all his hard work each year organizing the “Golden Sombero” series of 10/11 local Ice bowls here in Socal. With the trophy hat(sombero)going to the best score for at least playing for 4 events in the series. Thanks to Innova Champion Discs along with Disc Golf Values for their incredible support of these events. Plus Chris Horn & Suzette Simons for supplying plastic to give away. Again thanks to all who showed last year & thanks to those coming this year for your support. If you have new plastic discs, gift cards etc.. please feel free to bring it with you to the event.
please sign up online at http://www.discgolfunited.com/disc-golf-tournaments/tournament-dashboard.cfm/tourn_id/2740 Thanks kevin

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