Results for the Yucaipa Ice Bowl

It was “Just another beautiful day for Golf” as 36 players came out to battle for the coveted “Yucaipa Ice Bowl” trophy. The trophy is hand made by local resident Dave Newport. Players came equipped with their entry fees & cans of food, plus cash for their mulligans. Spirits were up, even if the temperature wasn’t. The low 60’s was better than most of the other 32 Ice Bowls that were played this past Saturday. Most of which had a temperature range from 44 & fog to 19 & snow.
These dedicated people came together for the goal of fund raising for Yucaipa Family Assistance. Our Local charity organization was the big winner with $943 & 52lb of food raised through this event. We did have less players this year, yet was able to raise more money per player than last year. So a big THANKS TO ALL who showed up and/or donated to this cause.
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Cory Marsteller of Cherry Valley was the big winner with a blistering 39 (-15) using a lot of mulligans to secure the 4 shot victory over Redlands local Bill Maury-Holmes. Bill got a pat on the back for his efforts. Yet Bill was rewarded during the raffle as he took home the “Portable Disc Catcher Basket”. Bill also picked up a few “discs” during our “Ring of Fire” contest. That contest consist of a 30′ circle drawn around 1 of the baskets, then all players spread out around the circle with 1 “putter” in their hand, then at the count of 3 they all throw it into the basket at once. Who’s ever disc gets into the basket is the winner, if multiple people make it then those few play the second round to see if they can make it again. if no one makes it a 2nd time then everybody get to try again for it. The winner then gets the prize Disc up for that round. Due to a generous donation of discs(Thanks Greg Hanlon), we did 10 rounds of “Ring of Fire”.
Yucaipa Disc Golf Club members were on hand to BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs for the group. We did part of the raffle, giving away “Innova” T-shirts, towels and Discs while they players enjoy their meal. Then we took a break for the aforementioned “Ring of Fire” contests, the back to the second half of the raffle. Players got excited winning several more discs, hats, gift cards and the “Portable Disc Catcher”
Yucaipa DGC would like to thanks our generous sponsor that helped make this event the great success that it was. We had local sponsorship from Jose’s Mexican Restaurant, Jersey’s Mike Subs, Shell Rapid Lube, Danny’s Pizza, Happy Boy Car wash, Denny’s Restaurant, Starbucks, Stater Bros., Pizza Chalet, Oil Can Henry’s, Jake’s Bistro, Yucaipa Bike Shop and the Kopper Kettle Kafe. plus Golfing sponsors like Discovering the World.(Disc Golf pro shop), Innova Champion Discs, Disc Golf Values, Disc Golf United, Yucaipa DGC, Greg Hanlon, Chris Horn, Suzette Simons, Bill Maury-Holmes and Ted & Dave for their volunteer work!! Thanks Again !!! Kevin Beath president,Yucaipa Disc Golf Club.

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