Yucaipa Open 2018

Click on the links below to pull up course maps and hole information for this year’s tournament, now dubbed YO2018.  Download to a phone for use on the course if desired.  Hard copies will be attached to all clipboards with a limited number of extras.  Pay close attention to the info, as there have been a few changes from last year.

Pros and some upper AM divisions will start Saturday on the Camp Temp course, switching to the Lakes (permanent) side, set up mostly short, in the afternoon.  Then will be back on a longer Lakes course on Sunday.

Remaining AM divisions will start on that short Lakes course for round one, transition to the Camp course for round two, and finish on that same tricky little Camp course on Sunday.  Which is to say that the Camp course may be considered semi-permanent for the three days – no changes.  It will be set up some unchanged from past year’s original positions, some long, and some in between.  AMs, at least, get a chance to hit the lines they may have missed the first time around – sweet redemption on a final round run to the tournament’s end.

Pros and upper AMs?  Going to be a huck-fest over on the longer Lakes course on Sunday.  There are more expansive courses around SoCal but Yucaipa tests the big arms with it’s narrow fairways and trees.

As in 2017 there will be a final nine holes on the Camp Temp course for the top four Pro/Adv finishers.

Lakes Course Saturday YO2018

Lakes Course Sunday YO2018

Temp Course YO2018

Lakes Course Saturday log YO2018

Lakes Course Sunday log YO2018

Temp course log YO2018

Final 9 YO2018

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