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Yucaipa Ice Bowl 2019

We’re pleased to announce the 7th Yucaipa Ice Bowl on feb. 2nd 2019!!! Again we will be supporting Yucaipa Family assistance.

We want to thanks all of our past supporters & donators for all they have done to make this a great success!! Last year we raised $2300 & 205lb of food. For a total of $7600 &600lb combined.

We want to beat our career total this year so please come out & help!!!

Yucaipa Open 2018

Click on the links below to pull up course maps and hole information for this year’s tournament, now dubbed YO2018.  Download to a phone for use on the course if desired.  Hard copies will be attached to all clipboards with a limited number of extras.  Pay close attention to the info, as there have been a few changes from last year.

Pros and some upper AM divisions will start Saturday on the Camp Temp course, switching to the Lakes (permanent) side, set up mostly short, in the afternoon.  Then will be back on a longer Lakes course on Sunday.

Remaining AM divisions will start on that short Lakes course for round one, transition to the Camp course for round two, and finish on that same tricky little Camp course on Sunday.  Which is to say that the Camp course may be considered semi-permanent for the three days – no changes.  It will be set up some unchanged from past year’s original positions, some long, and some in between.  AMs, at least, get a chance to hit the lines they may have missed the first time around – sweet redemption on a final round run to the tournament’s end.

Pros and upper AMs?  Going to be a huck-fest over on the longer Lakes course on Sunday.  There are more expansive courses around SoCal but Yucaipa tests the big arms with it’s narrow fairways and trees.

As in 2017 there will be a final nine holes on the Camp Temp course for the top four Pro/Adv finishers.

Lakes Course Saturday YO2018

Lakes Course Sunday YO2018

Temp Course YO2018

Lakes Course Saturday log YO2018

Lakes Course Sunday log YO2018

Temp course log YO2018

Final 9 YO2018

Yucaipa Challenge 2017

Update:  March 23, 2017

Click on links below to display course maps and “books” for each day.  Download to a smartphone to use on the course if desired.

Pros, MA1, MM1, & FA1 play round one on the east/permanent side, cross over to play the west/temp side after lunch, then back over on Sunday morning for round three on a stretched-out east side.

UPDATE:    in the interest of balancing out number of golfers on each course (as current registration has expanded and contracted – drops & adds),  MG1’s have been added to pros, MA1, MM1, and FA1’s playing two rounds on the east/permanent side.

Remainder divisions play round one on the west/temp side, cross over to play round two on the east/permanent side after lunch, then back over to the west/temp side on Sunday morning for round three on a slightly longer temp layout.

East course map Saturday

East course map Sunday

East Saturday course log

East Sunday course log

Temp course map

Temp course log

Final 9


Good Day to all;
Yucaipa DGC is proud to be hosting the Yucaipa Challenge 2017 here at Yucaipa Regional Park. This 2 day 3 round event will hopefully challenge your game while offering a beautiful place to relax between rounds. Also providing scenic views of our local mtns and the Bald Eagles nesting at the park. There is a $10/day entrance fee to the park that was NOT included with registration. Yet what was included is camping Friday & Saturday nites w/some firewood, Golf, Glow Golf, Sat.nite RAFFLE, Ring o’Fire, CTP’s on Sunday (each hole or something alittle different).

This is a PDGA & SoCal series event so I must remind you that No Alcohol or “Medication” is allowed during the round!!!!!
After the round, well hey the park is private property so alcohol is permitted
Please no drinking & driving(unless it’s a disc)
Friday A.M. Temp. course set-up, $5 dubs @ 4pm(3:45 signup)
Friday nite precheck-in @ 8pm
Sat morning check-in @ 7:30am
Players meeting 8:30am Temp course by HQ, permanent side by hole 1
Tee Time 9am
lunch approx. 11:30-1pm All you can eat Taco’s available for $8.
1:15 players meeting after switching courses
After the round your on your own for dinner.
8pm Raffle then Glow Golf
Sunday Players meeting 8am
Tee time 8:30am
11am Ring o’Fire, playoffs…payoffs whoever…..ah Final 9 in there also(of some sort)surprise……

Hole #1

Hole #1

we will update this page as to what Divisions start on which course. temp course layout, etc and try to get up maps, caddy book(maybe).

Results for the Yucaipa Ice Bowl

It was “Just another beautiful day for Golf” as 36 players came out to battle for the coveted “Yucaipa Ice Bowl” trophy. The trophy is hand made by local resident Dave Newport. Players came equipped with their entry fees & cans of food, plus cash for their mulligans. Spirits were up, even if the temperature wasn’t. The low 60’s was better than most of the other 32 Ice Bowls that were played this past Saturday. Most of which had a temperature range from 44 & fog to 19 & snow.
These dedicated people came together for the goal of fund raising for Yucaipa Family Assistance. Our Local charity organization was the big winner with $943 & 52lb of food raised through this event. We did have less players this year, yet was able to raise more money per player than last year. So a big THANKS TO ALL who showed up and/or donated to this cause.
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Cory Marsteller of Cherry Valley was the big winner with a blistering 39 (-15) using a lot of mulligans to secure the 4 shot victory over Redlands local Bill Maury-Holmes. Bill got a pat on the back for his efforts. Yet Bill was rewarded during the raffle as he took home the “Portable Disc Catcher Basket”. Bill also picked up a few “discs” during our “Ring of Fire” contest. That contest consist of a 30′ circle drawn around 1 of the baskets, then all players spread out around the circle with 1 “putter” in their hand, then at the count of 3 they all throw it into the basket at once. Who’s ever disc gets into the basket is the winner, if multiple people make it then those few play the second round to see if they can make it again. if no one makes it a 2nd time then everybody get to try again for it. The winner then gets the prize Disc up for that round. Due to a generous donation of discs(Thanks Greg Hanlon), we did 10 rounds of “Ring of Fire”.
Yucaipa Disc Golf Club members were on hand to BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs for the group. We did part of the raffle, giving away “Innova” T-shirts, towels and Discs while they players enjoy their meal. Then we took a break for the aforementioned “Ring of Fire” contests, the back to the second half of the raffle. Players got excited winning several more discs, hats, gift cards and the “Portable Disc Catcher”
Yucaipa DGC would like to thanks our generous sponsor that helped make this event the great success that it was. We had local sponsorship from Jose’s Mexican Restaurant, Jersey’s Mike Subs, Shell Rapid Lube, Danny’s Pizza, Happy Boy Car wash, Denny’s Restaurant, Starbucks, Stater Bros., Pizza Chalet, Oil Can Henry’s, Jake’s Bistro, Yucaipa Bike Shop and the Kopper Kettle Kafe. plus Golfing sponsors like Discovering the World.(Disc Golf pro shop), Innova Champion Discs, Disc Golf Values, Disc Golf United, Yucaipa DGC, Greg Hanlon, Chris Horn, Suzette Simons, Bill Maury-Holmes and Ted & Dave for their volunteer work!! Thanks Again !!! Kevin Beath president,Yucaipa Disc Golf Club.

Yucaipa Am Challenge 2015

hole 6 am challenge10624817_576896255788296_5854769451098521343_nYucaiopa DGC is pleased to host the 2nd Yucaipa Am Challenge at “The Course” in Yucaipa Regional Park. This event will take place on March 21 & 22, 2015 Included this year is a 2nd course. This temp course will be set up in and around the “Tent Camping” area on the west side of the lower lake. We’ll be playing 3 rounds over 2 days. 2 rounds Saturday and 1 round Sunday. After the Players meeting Sat. AM, Golfers will start on 1 course for the am round, then have lunch break, then they will switch to the other course to play their 2nd round. Sunday Golfers will return to play the AM course they played the day before. The event is up online at Please sign up quick as this event did sell out last year. We did add more spot this year, thanks to the 2nd course. That’s added expense to reserve the area. I’m very happy to say though that means your camping is included with your registration for this event. You’ll still need to pay the park entry fee of $10/carload or $ 2 walk-in. There are 9 camping areas with a max of 30 people per area, so we can accommodate 1 registered golfer & 1 guest. Camping is good from Friday thru Monday Noon. Big thanks to Yucaipa Reg. Park for blacking out the “whole” weekend for us. We’ll have nite golf Fri & Sat nites. Movies, games, etc…. Raffle drawing will be Sat nite also to help shorten Sunday’s Awards.
Check-ins will begin Friday 5pm & continue Sat @ 8. Check-in will be over in the middle of the”Tent camping”.(follow signs) Players meeting @ 9:15am near check-in area. Afterwards you’ll be given ample time to arrive to your hole assignments before the 2 min. warning. After your 1st round , we’ll have a 1hr lunch break, shuffle the cards by score, then switch courses & play round 2. After Sundays 9am players meeting, you’ll start on the same AM course for your final round.
Still working food details for Sat. am/pm & Sunday am. will keep you updated.
Golfers will again get 2 discs this year in their players pack. Thanks Legacy Discs and Innova Champion Discs. Thanks also go out to, Mark Molnar, Bill Maury-Holmes, Suzette Simons, Wayne”the Mayor”Harlow, So Cal Disc Golf Assoc., Oak Valley DGC, PDGA, Yucaipa Regional Park and the many participants. innova-outline_color

Yucaipa Ice Bowl 2015

IB15_Wings_Final_Color_OLHappy New Year to all. It’s that time of year again where we run around in shorts & Hawaiian shirts, letting plastic fly, while most of our fellow golfers are braving much worse condition to get around of Golf in. Yes it is Ice Bowl Season. Yucaipa Disc golf Club will be hosting this event on Sat. Jan 31,2015 @ 9am. Check-in starts @8am. We’ll be playing 18 holes with a C.T.P. or 2. Plus a Ring o’ Fire and a raffle. Your misally $20 donation with a can of food will get you an Innova Champion Glow Tern and 3 mulligan/raffle tickets, so you can buy a tournament win. Additional mulligan/raffle tickets are 1 buck each. All profits go directly to Yucaipa Family Assistance @ 35075 Ave. B. Last year 60 participants and a dozen or so business sponsors helped us to raise $1222 & 150lb of food. Our goal this year is $1400 & 200lb of food. Please help us to surpass this goal. Also we’ll be BBQing after the round Burgers & Dogs for a suggested donation of $5 to help Yucaipa Family Assistance. (Sorry no free lunch this year) This event is registered with Ice Bowl HQ.Com tracking ice bowl all across the country since 1996, with a collective total of $2.8 million so far. Please help us to do our part of their $325K goal for 2015. Thanks again to Bill Maury-Holmes for all his hard work each year organizing the “Golden Sombero” series of 10/11 local Ice bowls here in Socal. With the trophy hat(sombero)going to the best score for at least playing for 4 events in the series. Thanks to Innova Champion Discs along with Disc Golf Values for their incredible support of these events. Plus Chris Horn & Suzette Simons for supplying plastic to give away. Again thanks to all who showed last year & thanks to those coming this year for your support. If you have new plastic discs, gift cards etc.. please feel free to bring it with you to the event.
please sign up online at Thanks kevin

yucaipa Am Challenge

Yucaipa Amateur Challenge 2014 – Saturday, March 22, 2014 (PDGA C-Tier and SoCal Series)

Come on out and play one of SoCal’s best courses at scenic Yucaipa Regional Park. This one day, two round event will feature a long and short layout that will demand a well-rounded game in order to score well. You may not toss any eagles but you just might see one. Check-in will begin at 7:30am, the Players Meeting will be at 8:30am sharp for a tee off at 9am.

Players packs will include two quality discs: thank you Innova Champion and Legacy (John Ryan) for your commitment to this tourney! Lunch will be available for purchase on-site from the Yucaipa Disc Golf Club for $5.

Want to advertise your business or see your name on a tee sign? Sponsor a hole for $20 and it can be yours. Sponsor soon and you can pick the hole.

Park entrance is not included in your registration and will be an additional $10 per car (the weekend day fee). For a less costly alternative, carpool or park at the Community Park lot just up the road from the entrance and pay the walk-in fee of $2.

Payouts will be determined after deducting costs which will include the player’s pack, park rental fee, sanctioning and insurance, and fees of $3 to the PDGA and $2 to SoCal Disc Golf Association. $10 will be paid to the PDGA for each non- or non-current member.

Thanks go out to Innova Champion, Disc Golf Values, Legacy, the staff of Yucaipa Regional Park and the good folks at the Yucaipa Disc Golf Club.

Hope to see you there,

Bill Maury-Holmes   TD

For more info & direct link to sign up go to     *NO DAY OF SIGN UPS*

Yucaipa Ice bowl Feb.1 2014

Yucaipa Disc Golf Club will be sponsoring the Yucaipa Ice Bowl this year. The event will be held on Feb. 1st 2014 with a 9am start time at Yucaipa Regional Park. This is a Charity event & proceeds will benefit Yucaipa Family Assistance. $20 & a can of food will get you 18holes on 1 of the best courses in So Cal,     3 raffles ticket/mulligans & a premium Disc from Innova. This is a registered Ice Bowl event @  and you can register online (preferred method) at  with every 20th person who registers online we get an Innova Traveller Disc Catcher who just the cost of shipping. THANKS DGU!!!!!! Hope to see you out there!!